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I'm Charlotte Fox Welcome to The Psychedelic Fox.

Looking for entertainment?

Enlightenment? EcZENtricity?

Well, you've landed in the right place!

I studied Acting at Ecole Jaques Lecoq, Paris and Stella Adler in Hollywood. I occasionally pop up in things, mostly my own work. You can watch some of my comedy online. I am currently developing a new podcast The Psychedelic Fox: Addicted. I am working with Soho Theatre: Stand Up Comedy Lab. I'm interested in writing about psyche, spiritual, surreal and satirical stuff.

I am an International Meditation and Yoga / VOGA Teacher.  I've taught downward dogging worldwide. I will probably embark on a Tibetan guru adventure soon. Would you like to practice with me? See below for more info. New events and on demand classes will be annoucned soon.

💛🐝 BEE HAPPY 🐝💛 HONEY 🍯Because ther


Acting & Writing   



I have performed in shows across London. Mostly underground, immersive, character driven experiences. I created a Solo Show Ouroboros 5* which played Underbelly Edinburgh Fringe. Reviews here


I was ready to embark on a stand up comedy adventure but then a global pandemic happened. Since then I've experimented with performing online sketches. I recently ran away to Mexico to preserve my freedom. I've been developing projects here including a Mockumentary: 'Mossy Rocks: Mexitopia' 

You can find me on social media or my new podcast released in February 2021 available on Apple and Spotify.

"The funniest hour on the fringe... A series of striking sketches by a multi talented performer" Theatre Design Reviews 


"An astonishing performer with ferocious intelligence... Ouroboros is affirming, ludicrous, surreal and raw" Tung Magazine.

"Fox is indomitable"The Scotsman 

"Fox exudes charisma and sass... A fantastically talented actor" London Pub Theatres.


A masterclass in physical performance.

Everything Theatre





YOGA & meditation

 Yogi Tribe ,

I'm here to guide you into a sacred yet simple sanctuary that starts with you arriving onto your yoga mat.

My style sets up a purpose fuelled practice that creates a playful dialogue with your body in space. Free of pretentious fluff and directed towards practical application. Fundamentals, foundations, asana, meditations or philosophy I've got you covered.  

There will be stillness, sometimes silliness and occasionally sweat. 

Get that BODY GLOW!

Ready to cultivate an integrative system that extends way beyond your mat? 


IG Live meditations at 6:00pm (UK Time)
Online meditation packages will be available soon.


Online Yoga
Wednesday & Thursday 6:30pm (UK Time) 
Payment Via
I am also teaching in Mexico at Selina Hotel Friday 5pm


A great way to go deeper in your practice. With a personalised weekly session to optimise progress and results. 
M O N D A Y /\ B A L A N C E 🌈🌻 👯‍♀️


Suzy ★★★★★

Enjoyed lots of lovely online yoga classes with Charlotte! Always felt liked I’d worked hard and she was great at giving pointers and tips. Feel like my yoga practice has improved loads with the feedback Charlotte gave me during her classes. 

Nancy ★★★★★

Yoga with Charlotte is a breath of fresh air. She is positive, upbeat and her classes leave me feeling refreshed for the rest of the day. I’ve felt confident enough to challenge myself and can feel improvements in my physical strength and overall wellbeing

Marilyn ★★★★★

Charlotte is a fun yoga teacher. She includes a range of poses and structure to her classes keeping them interesting and intriguing. Her knowledge of the practice is great and her attention to detail when teaching and correcting her students is brilliant. She is always checking on the students and encouraging them to push themselves during there own practice



Yoga just got the VOGA treatment. Do you love yoga, but secretly wish it was more upbeat? Or perhaps you've always
been inspired by dance, Ibiza, and 80s Culture. Welcome to VOGA, a dynamic fusion of yoga and dance. 


Inspired by Madonna’s classic hit 'Vogue', VOGA is about striking strong, confident, aligned poses to increase flexibility, energy flow, and boost confidence and serotonin. While yoga reduces stress and increases calm and balance, physical and mental, VOGA also answers the cardiovascular demand that ensures a healthy heart and expressive soul. It’s a fabulously fun way to get fit.


Think Vogue. Think Yoga. This is VOGA.

HOUSE OF VOGA, a stretching and posing routine set to an iconic '80s beat. VOGA offers all the health benefits of yoga and more, thanks to a unique series of poses and counter-postures that work the whole body, right down to the hands and feet. On top of the physical benefits such as increasing circulation, improving flexibility, fat burning and toning, VOGA manifests a unique sense of wholeness and confidence that you just can't get from the average gym class.

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8 Preston Grange 

Grange Close 



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