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My first yoga class was aged 17 in a run down gym facility. From my first experience I was hooked. I continued to practice for 10 years until I decided to embark on 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in beautiful Bali, Indonesia.  Since then I have taught at International Hotels,  London studios such as: More Yoga London, Frame, House of Voga. I


I teach in a way that provokes lightness, curiosity and playful inspiration. My experience of working with bodies ranges from beginners to advanced, I believe I have an attitude for teaching that is adaptable to clients needs, rewarding and wholesome, which will include a balanced mix of strength, grace and flow. I love watching the transformation and growth process with students. Seeing change happen and witnessing a new sparkle. I include a variety of dynamic flows, combined with movement practice, music. Sessions will uplift, inspire and ignite you. Theres nothing better than starting your day feeling positively charged, uplifted, with a good dose of movement medicine. Giving yourself permission to show up, explore the parameters of your mind and let yourself out to play!  

Get ready to breathe, smile, relax and let go…


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